Justice Yugoslavia

Campaign for Justice for the Peoples of Yugoslavia (CJPY)

An organisation concerned to discover and present the truth about

  • NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999
  • the illegality of the bombing (see Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor Walter Rockler's contribution)
  • techniques of media manipulation, public deception, cover up  -  Lessons ordinary citizens and the peace movement need to learn
  • causes and tragic consequences
  • the unpublicised re-writing of the NATO Treaty, NATO's new role
  • the implication for Europe and the world; significance of these events for world peace.

What should be done? A mainly UK perspective.

Whilst the material in this web site was written in 2000 its contents, which present a picture of events which runs almost entirely contrary to the great majority of public opinion in Europe, remain of importance in 2003.

Fundamental Beliefs

The basis of Justice Yugoslavia's work is the fundamental belief that civilised life and the security of the world depend, in part, on respect for human beings, respect for human life, honesty in government and respect for international law, conventions, and treaties, and the United Nations.

January 2003
Copyright Campaign for Justice for the Peoples of Yugoslavia, Walter Rockler, David Roberts, 2000.